Welcoming Winter


The season that I celebrate the most is here. Winter. I think it's the most romantic, dreamy time of the year. Unlike summer, when we are all flung outdoors and scattered to the four winds, Winter is the time when we return to home and hearth. It's a restful, cozy season, one for enjoying simple pleasures with family and friends.

(See slideshow below.)

I just love seeing the bare trees against the night sky, and bundling up against the cold; scarves and mittens and winter wraps. And taking our invigorating hikes in the quiet winter woods is a thrill. I love that it gets dark early and seeing the dim glow of yellow lights in the windows of houses as I ride through neighborhoods, knowing that families are together and warm and cozy. Winter is the time I entertain most, candlelit dinner parties with fireplaces roaring, sharing hearty meals and heartier conversation. The house gets festive, decorated with fresh winter greens, winterberry and bittersweet. I love photographing in the winter with its distinctive winter sky and long shadows. And when the first snow falls I feel like I'm five years old again going from window to window to watch my neighborhood transform into that winter wonderland. And how quiet and peaceful the city becomes under a blanket of snow. Is there a better time for fresh baked donuts and hot cocoa? And, of course, I will photograph through my windowpanes, as each snowfall is so different, it will never be the same scene again. It always feels so new and exciting. 

The beauty of living with four seasons is that each brings its own experience, and with that a different lifestyle and routine. As a photographer, because each season has its own light and atmosphere, and couldn't be more different visually, I find it very stimulating, creatively. So, round and round we go, to enjoy it all. And now Winter, the Ice Queen of seasons, is starting and I'm excited at the prospect of seeing it, photographing it and experiencing it. So, welcome, Winter, I've been waiting for you.