Visual Solutions


Last month the Providence Art Club, of which I'm a member, needed ideas and finished material for an invitation for an upcoming art and antiques auction they were holding as a fundraiser. The visual solutions I gave them ultimately ended up being used for invitations, posters, a full page ad in an art magazine and an enlarged framed image for hanging in their gallery and in the auction venue. 

The Problem: I couldn't show any of the items that were going to be auctioned off in the photographs. So I needed images that could tell the story without using the actual objects and the images had to pique the interest of attendees and potential buyers.

My Solution: To take artwork and antiques of different shapes, drape and wrap them in vintage linen, and photograph them. The look I was after was a mysterious and artistic one; where each image would be a piece of art in of itself. And of course images that would be intriguing enough to catch the eye of collectors and compel them to attend the auction.

I don't normally take on commercial photography but the project was a blast to work on and I had creative freedom which is a great motivator. The club was happy, the auction a success, and I now have the enormous framed image hanging in my library and it looks fabulous.

Click through for images: