Into the Light

While out on a hike in the woods last week I saw a profound shift in the season's light. The harsh summer light has now fully given way to a much more gentle, low contrast, diffused light. And with half the leaves now off the trees the light filtered through the woods in a most romantic, dreamy way. 

When I feel the urge to raise my camera to capture what I'm seeing, more often than not, I'm attempting to capture what I'm feeling about what I'm seeing or experiencing. And that's not always the full reality of what is in front of me, because sometimes what I'm actually seeing is very subtle, even though my feelings may say otherwise. And my own feelings, projections and imagination will be layered on top of reality, so hopefully, it's in how I take the photograph that all of that can be communicated in a single image. It's a very different creative challenge. And I enjoy that.

In the end, this hike was not about exercise, it was about experiencing the mood and the ethereal quality of this gentle light and the beauty and solitude found in the woods. The image is an attempt to share that experience and dreamy state of mind with the viewer. It was one of our more enjoyable hikes, it was about taking pleasure in this beautiful shift of light that is uniquely found in mid Autumn.


The softened light, the veiling haze,

The calm repose of autumn days,

Steal gently o'er the troubled breast,

Soothing life's weary cares to rest.

~ Phebe A. Holder, 1890