Ghost Sign


There are several ghost signs in my city, but there is one in particular that I feel a connection to. It's the writing on the Tri-Store Bridge. Whenever I walk down Westminster Street I will always peek down the alleyway to make sure the bridge and signage is still there. Someday I know it won't be. It reads: The Tri-Store Bridge, Cherry & Webb, Gladdings, Shepard. The bridge that connects the two buildings was built just before 1900 to connect three major department stores of that era, allowing the ladies to shop without having to step outside. I remember walking through this odd bridge as a child many times when shopping those stores. That's when people still went downtown to shop the big departments stores before the malls came along.

The department stores are long gone now, the buildings luckily remain, and for now so does the bridge and the signage giving one a clue of the history of this place. I have from time to time photographed it. I took this photo last week after having dinner down the street. It's not that the bridge is beautiful, it's not that it's important, I photograph it because it's one of the last tangible reminders of a century past on that spot. And because it's a bit of my childhood that hangs between those buildings.