More snow...


The weekly snow storms continue and I've been looking forward to photographing my city in the snow for a while now, but the sidewalks have been treacherous, and the streets have become too narrow to safely walk in them. Driving home today at the start of yet another snowstorm, and feeling frustrated that I haven't been able to get out and photograph for weeks, I picked up my camera as my husband was driving and shot some images through the car window as we traveled down the snowy streets. It became a bit of a game, to shoot while we were moving and without slowing down.

I have to admit, I enjoyed the challenge; of having to quickly spot something visually worthy as we zoomed by, having just a split second to compose and shoot, and having no second shots. Plus the added fun of timing the windshield wipers to shoot in between their quick swipes. I felt I was shooting at a carnival gallery but the ducks were traveling at fast forward speed. Of course the resulting images have a different feel to them, certainly a shoot from the hip look. I think I liked the exercise so much that I will continue it even if there isn't a reason for me to do so. Just for the fun and challenge of it.

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